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La toute nouvelle eau d’érable pure certifiée NAPSI maintenant en vente

Longueuil, QC, May 23, 2013 / CNW Telbec / – The sap 100% pure certified NAPSI the 2013 harvest is now available to consumers. Announced by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) in February, the arrival of this new innovative product on the shelves already a lot of interest; and rightly so, because this water plant, originally used by Native Americans as a tonic will delight people looking for natural products of high quality and excellent health.

The sap is harvested exclusively in the spring. In most cases, consumers could not, until now, to savor the sugar bush. FPAQ has led several research projects for the development of sterilization methods that preserve the many good features of the original sap for 18 months at room temperature. For the sake of authenticity and quality, these techniques are grouped under the certification mark NAPSI.

This ensures the sensory experience of water to the sugar bush. Indeed, harvest and process the NAPSI certified products meet the guaranteeing of a maple water standards:

  • Nature: After maples;
  • Authentic: it is water as nature supply to the output shaft;
  • Pure: No agent or ingredient are added;
  • Barren, devoid of any micro-organism;
  • Full: Whole, unrefined and all compounds that nature provides it.

This certification is offered to national and international developers that meet its requirements, including the purchase of maple sap in Canada . This year marks only with the certification are NAPSI SEVA, OVIVA MC and MAPLE3.

“FPAQ is proud that pure maple certified NAPSI is finally distributed and offered to the water year, says its president, Serge Beaulieu. This new product provides interesting prospects for further development in our industry. It already contributes three-quarters of billion to Canada’s GDP ($ 750 million). The sap, innovation here and sold with the layout tools Quebec collective market, promote regional economic growth because of the added value generated by the underlying processes NAPSI. “

The sap can be consumed NAPSI certified as the sugar bush, as a beverage in the form of ice or as an ingredient in various recipes. It is ideal for cool summer or hydrated during physical activity. The maple water naturally contains over 46 nutritional compounds essential to life, including a wide range of vitamins and minerals, organic and amino acids, polyphenols and plant hormones. In addition, this plant does not include water that 25 calories per 250 ml.

It is also popular as an accompaniment to a gourmet meal. In the kitchen, it gives the food a fine taste, delicately flavored and slightly sweet. It allows you to create cocktails, drinks and smoothies unique and distinctive. Recipes are also available on, as well as in the new volume The Ledger maple published by Robert Rose.

On sale across Quebec
Maple water pure certified NAPSI brands OVIVA MC and SEVA is already on sale in Quebec and British Columbia. Its retail price ranges from $ 4.99 to $ 5.99 for a liter format. As for the distribution of MAPLE3 brand, it will be known later. For more information about the pure sap and the certification mark NAPSI, see and .

Pure maple OVIVA water MC
$ 4.99
in supermarkets across Metro Quebec
‘s IGA supermarkets across Quebec next week

Pure maple sap SEVA
$ 4.99 – $ 5.99

Château Taillefer Lafon Laval
In some procurement

British Columbia:
Urban Fare
Nesters Foods
Natures Fare
Buy Low Foods

For a full list of outlets for each brand, visit: and .

FPAQ thank Agriculture and Agri Canada , the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec, and the Council for the Development of Agriculture of Quebec for their respective financial support.

About the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ)
founded in 1966 to defend and promote the economic, social and moral interests of its 7,400 maple businesses, many men and women FPAQ mission working set by the collective marketing of their products. FPAQ innovates and develops products in the profits of the maple industry here, with the benefits of the collective marketing. Thanks to the quality of their work and their products, Quebec accounts for about 80% of the world production of maple syrup.

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